AAPAM aims to:

  1. Provide a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences between Public Administrators, Managers, Scholars and Teachers of Public Administration and Management in Africa.
  2. Bring together top African Administrators and Managers to discuss topical managerial problems with a view to sharing experiences and trying to find solutions to Africa’s development problems.
  3. Foster professionalization of Public Administration and Management in Africa.
  4. Assist, encourage and contribute to the study of the problems and techniques of Public Administration and management in the African continent.
  5. Promote research in Public Administration and Management on the African continent.
  6. Foster affiliation and maintain liaison with other international bodies and organizations interested in public administration and management.

Our Mandate

AAPAM derives its mandate from the Constitution and Rules as approved by the General Assembly in Livingstone, Zambia, 7 December 2005 .

Our Vision

To be the leading professional association for African public service practitioners and managers

Our Mission

To promote and spearhead Best Practice, Excellence and Professionalism in Public Administration and Management in Africa

Core Values

The core values for AAPAM are:

  1. Commitment to enhancement of delivery of quality public service in Africa
  2. Commitment to research and development to improve the quality of public services in Africa
  3. Commitment tot the principals of good governance in member states
  4. Results orientation
  5. Transparency and accountability
  6. Commitment to teamwork