AAPAM’s activities include the following:

Senior Level Training

This is done through Seminars, Workshops and the Annual Roundtable Conferences. The theme for each of the conferences and trainings has been and continues to be sector - and problem – specific. The trainings address problems and constraints while making recommendations aimed at promoting national development.

Applied Research

This is carried out in areas such as Administrative responses to the African economic crisis, Entrepreneurship development, Women in top management, etc. The idea is to bring together several practitioners and academics who conduct research on a selected theme. The output benefits from both a comparative approach and input that is rich in theory and practice.


AAPAM offers consultancy services – on demand and through its network of experts.


AAPAM publishes Newsletters, Journals, Conference Reports, monographs and books.

Inter-Country Visits

These are organized at the request of interested parties.