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AAPAM is an international professional organization for those, who practice, teach and carry out research or offer advisory services in administration and management – in both the public and private sectors.  It organizes and promotes researches on topical problem of administration and management. Every year since 1978, AAPAM has held roundtable conference for knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences and top level public sector leaders, reseachers and academics.

Over the years, the annual conferences, research works and seminars/workshops, have produced valuable books and other materials on public administration and management.  These publications are of paramount importance to students, teachers and practitioners of public administration and management.  They are also useful to those involved in related fields like political science, development studies, economics and law.

These publications are very valuable to university libraries and libraries of other institutions of higher learning as well as students and researchers of public administration and management.

Featured Books

  1. Citizen Engagement, Decentralization and Service Delivery in Africa
  2. Economic Restructuring and African Administration
  3. African Public Services - Challenges and a Profile for the Future
  4. The Ecology of Public Administration  and Management in Africa
  5. A Decade of Public Administration in African
  6. Indigenization of African Economies
  7. Towards a Dynamic African Economy
  8. Public Policy in Africa
  9. Food Crisis in Africa
  10. Reforming Public Administration: Experience from Eastern Africa
  11. African Development: Adedeji's Alternative Strategies
  12. Enhancing Policy Management Capacity in Africa
  13. The Employment Crisis in Africa
  14. Management Consulting in Africa:Utilizing Local Expertise
  15. Africa Journal of Public Administration and Management (AJPAM)
  16. Ethics and Accountability in Africa  Public Services
  17. Women in Top Management: Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya cases
  18. Privatisation in Africa: The Way Forward*
  19. Perspective for the Management of Transport and Communications in Africa
  20. Monograph Series on Administrative Responses to the African Economic Crisis:  Nigeria & Tanzania Cases


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Conference Report

AAPAM Malawi reportAAPAM 34th Roundtable Conference

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