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AAPAM Young Professionals Network

In the implementation of any countries development programme, the Civil Service relies heavily on the critical link that is constituted by the middle level civil servants consisting of the young civil servants and those who are gradually progressing towards the top of the civil service hierarchy.

As a result AAPAM constituted the Young Professionals Network on the 4th September 2006 whose membership includes young public/civil service professionals (who have entered the public/civil service in the last five years and who are 35 years or less).

The network aims to forge a link between the older more experienced public sector managers and build capacity among the younger generations of public servants which was seen to be vital for maintaining continuity in the effective performance of the public services to achieve the national goals of sustainable development.

The Young Professionals Network regularly meets during a special session at the AAPAM’s Annual Roundtable Conference.

AAPAM YPN Member Mr. Jeremiah Nkunyane at the African Regional Conference. Mr. Nkunyane was in the panel of presenters on Institutional and Policy architectures for the Transformation of the African Public Administration


Some of YPN Interim Executive Committee Members in Kigali Rwanda during the African Regional Conference



YPN Interim Executive Committee Members in meeting with AAPAM Secretary General Mr. G.K. Scott in Kigali Rwanda during the African Regional Conference


YPN 2010


  • To provide and maintain a forum for Young Professionals (YPs) coming from different countries,  all over Africa, to exchange ideas, share experiences and best practices in public administration and Management.
  • To enhance the possibility of greater inter-generational transfer and sharing of knowledge and experience between Young Professionals and Senior delegates attending AAPAM’s yearly Round Table Conference.
  • To induct new members sponsored under the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation and nurture existing members into dedicated, committed and resourceful members of the AAPAM Chapters.
  • To promote research and facilitate dissemination of research findings on African administrative and management.
  • To ensure and achieve continuity in the deliberations/actions of Young Professionals.
  • To network with other international institutions having objectives similar to the AAPAMYPN.
  • To assist AAPAM in furthering its objectives.
  • To foster creativity and innovativeness among AAPAMYPs.


  • Any individual of high integrity and with strong public service values, below the age of 35, reckoning less than 5 years of experience in the public service and whose profession and activities can help to contribute towards achieving the objectives of the Network shall be eligible to join the Network.
  • Any person sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation to attend any AAPAM Round Table Conference shall automatically become a member of the Network.
  • The Network shall maintain an updated register of the members indicating the name, profession, country and date of the member’s admission to the Network. The register shall be available for inspection by members upon written request

Structure of the AAPAMYPN

The network consists of an Executive Committee whose members are elected after every 3 years and may be re-elected into office for not more than 2 terms. They Executive Committee is to work together with the AAPAM Secretariat to determine the general direction of the network and have programs implemented and the objectives achieved after necessary consultations with the AAPAM Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall, while ensuring equal gender representation, be constituted as follows:

  • A Chairperson;
  • A Deputy Chairperson;
  • 3 Members;
  • A representative of the AAPAM Executive Committee;
  • And any other officer whose expertise might be necessary, to be coopted, as and when required
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Conference Report

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