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Innovative Management Awards 2013 Finalists

  • Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC Kigali), Rwanda- Electricity  from Domestic Biogas Project;
  • The Kenya Judiciary, Kenya- Integrated Case Management System Project;

  • Ghana Prison Service, Ghana- Prison Inmates’ Education Project;

  • Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Malawi- Barefoot Journalists Project

  • SAMU, Ministry of Health, Rwanda- Closing the Gap of Geographical Barrier to Health Care through SAMU Project.

Innovative Management Awards 2012 Winners

Four organizations received AAPAM Awards recognizing innovations in the public sector. The winners are:

  • Kenya Diesel Powered DEFTEC Made Mobile Field Kitchen (Gold) Kenya IMA'S 2012
  • Mauritius Setting up a modern Land Administration and Management system (Silver) Mauritius IMA 2012
  • Ghana Mobile Technology for Communication Health (MOTECH) (Bronze)Ghana IMA 2012
  • Ghana Systems Automation Intergration at Kokota International Airport (Glass)

Ghana Glass


The Gold Medal Award marks the exceptional achievement of an individual who

has shown distinctive leadership, or has made a significant contribution to the advancement of excellence in public administration and management in Africa. Awarded bi-annually, the AAPAM Gold Medal is the highest honour accorded by AAPAM to outstanding public service.

With previous support from CIDA through IPAC programming, three gold medals were developed by the Canadian Mint (a 14 carat minted Gold Medal)

Gold Medal Past Winners

  • Professor Adebayo Adedeji (Nigeria), in 2007
  • Professor Gelase Rwabyo Mutahaba (Tanzania), in 2009
  • Professor Malcolm Wallis (South Africa), in 2011.


Whereas the AAPAM Gold Medal is an award for Individual achievement, the Innovative Management Award is to recognize organizational achievement. It is intended to encourage creative managerial initiatives in Public Administration and Management in Africa. Entries’ are judged by a jury on five categories: Innovation, Relevance, Significance, Sustainability and Replication.

It is awarded annually and is currently supported by Governance and Institutional Development Division (GIDD) of the Commonwealth Secretariat, through the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC).

Innovative Management Awards 2011 Winners

  • Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)- Republic of South Africa "Result Slip Scanning Project"
  • Ministry of Agro Industry & Food Security- Republic of Mauritius "Area wide Melon control fly"
  • Malawi Broadcasting Corporation- Republic of Malawi "Change Management"
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment - Republic of Mauritius "Moving Data to People"
  • Presidency and Cabinet Affairs Office - Republic of Kenya "Directorate of E- Government Community Learning Information Centers


Innovative Management Awards (IMA’s)

The African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) announces a call for submissions for the fifth annual Award for Innovative Management. This is a continental wide award to honor public sector institutions, organizations and Ministries who have made exceptional and longstanding contributions to the public.

The Award recognizes Innovations that create effectiveness in the performance of organizations in the public sector through the introduction of new ideas and new operational and management methods.  The purpose and objectives of the Award include the following:

(i)          To recognize and publicize innovations in the public sector which are worthy of emulation.

(ii)         To enhance the image of the public sector in Africa.

(iii)        To promote innovation in the public sector by encouraging and recognizing organizations and people for

creative and effective ways of solving specific problems of administration and management.

(iv)        To facilitate the transfer of innovations and best practices as a way of improving the quality of Public

Administration and Management in Africa.

The Awards will be presented at the AAPAM Roundtable Conference that will be hosted by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in November 2012.  Winners and other leading entries will be extensively publicized, including features in the AAPAM Newsletter. The Executive Summaries of all submissions shall be posted on the AAPAM Website

Attached for your information and guidance are the Conditions, Procedures and Rules of Competition (Annexture 1) for this Award and the Criteria that shall be used to evaluate the submissions (Annexture 2).  Please provide an executive summary of up to 50 words that shall be posted on the website.

Please use the attached Entry Form (Annexture 3) to make your submission, and send your entry by e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reach the AAPAM Secretariat by 30th April 2012.

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Conference Report

AAPAM Malawi reportAAPAM 34th Roundtable Conference

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