Engage with the African HR community and promote HR knowledge.The Africa HR Forum is seeking to promote published African literary works related to Human Resources, in order to, enhance employee-centric practices across the continent as well as to foster the development of a dynamic, knowledgeable, and progressive workforce.

The Africa HR Forum – an initiative pioneered by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and ICUBEFARM – provides a forward-thinking and solutions-oriented platform for Human Resource Leaders & Practitioners and professionals across Africa to share innovative insights and discuss challenges associated to employment-related issues and the HR practice. To this effect, in collaboration with the African HR Confederation, the inaugural session of the Africa HR Forum was launched in May 2020 followed by the implementation of the Africa HR Forum HR Training Series and the currently ongoing Africa HR Forum HR Insights Series, all of which saw and continues to be attended by a significant and diverse number of professionals.

In an effort to provide a varied and up-to-date perspective of thought leaders on topical HR trends and challenges that enable capability building, we are now requesting authors of published books, related to any HR or management domain, to collaborate with Africa HR Forum for the opportunity to engage with the wider African HR community.

Authors are invited to send an email with their name, title of their publication, a brief synopsis and their contact details to info@africahrforum.com or alternatively you can send a WhatsApp message to +237 679713690 or +240 222131204.

Yolanda Asumu Hickson, Promoter of the Africa HR Forum

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