Leadership, Public Service for National Development: A Continental Approach

Over the last 2 years, the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent implications in the socio-economic landscape has necessitated the adoption of modern organizational practices, paradigm shifts and leadership approaches. A collaborative attitude has been fostered among countries in order to address a common enemy. It has also emerged that leadership is a shared responsibility; everybody can be a leader at their own levels hence the need to shape and reinforce the leadership at all levels of government.

Transformational and innovative leadership has been lauded as the leading strategy in crisis management applicable in management and organizational development. It is noteworthy that many African countries had conceived strategies for transforming their countries well before the 2030 Agenda was adopted in 20151, Kenya Vision 2030, for instance calls for a national long-term development blue-print aiming to transform Kenya into an industrializing, middle-income country providing high quality of life… similar sentiments are echoed in the development plans of most African countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Morocco, Chad, Angola… At the continental level, Agenda 2063 is the strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the continent over a 50 years’ timeframe. The transformation envisaged in global, regional and national development strategies requires leadership that is pervasive in the entire society.

The end goal of good governance supported by transformative leadership is to secure sustainable development, at the 8th Continental Africa Public Service Day celebrations held at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, delegates recognized the direct link between service delivery and economic development2 a factor that should guide public servants to establish a broader vision for service delivery aligned to the national, regional, continental and international development agenda.

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