7th Edition AAPAM/ DPSA / SPMA Research Seminar

Lessons learned from the corrosive Covid-19 pandemic are instructive for policymakers to build, both soft and hardware, state capacity, put in place systems that are adaptive and inclusive to effectively address both short-term shocks to the economy, and the longer-term trends that transform societal interface, including demographic trends, technological innovation, the impacts of climate change and climate action and generally global integration. How African Countries commit to resilience and respond to a crisis may determine their level of success, which, in this context, relates to their capacity to bear the strain while still operating, pull through after the situation is over, and learn from the crisis situation they went through. If this is not done, and they simply emphasize business-as-usual, they may find themselves in a downward spiral, thereby undermining the well-being of society, as they do not address sustainability challenges.

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