National Forum for Black Public Administrator’s (NFBPA) conference

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence

FORUM 2023 is a truly unique conference experience where public administrators and professionals from across the country gather to swap knowledge and strategies, share resources and connections, think through strategies, and generate solutions — and have a lot of fun doing so.  Over four days of learning from peers and experts, fostering connections, and (re-)discovering inspiration, you and your nationwide colleagues are provided with support in your daily responsibilities as leaders in their workforce and communities. Whether you’re looking to learn about how like inflation and tighter budgets, or wanting to learn the latest best practices for managing teams, Forum 2023 has something for every public service professional. With a number of sponsorship and exhibitor options available, you can select a package available, or customize a plan that fits your organization’s unique goals.

Registration Brochure 2023


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