AAPAM programs include the following:

Research and Consultancy

The association endeavours to foster the discovery of new and innovative knowledge and skills through research in various aspects field of public administration, management and development. AAPAM brings together several practitioners and academics who conduct research on selected issues. The output benefits from both comparative approaches and inputs rich in theory and practice. Further, in collaboration with seasoned experts, AAPAM offers consultancy services to governments, corporate bodies, regional and international organization.

Seminars, Workshops and Short Courses

We welcome you to participate in our training programmes in the field of leadership, governance, management, administration, human resource and other related spheres. The Association conducts wide spectrum capacity development programmes regionally and continentally for senior and middle level practitioners and young professionals in the private and public sector through seminars, workshops and short courses. The National Chapters equally organize seminars and workshops for public servants, university and college students, professionals, business people and local communities. These training programmes also provide wide opportunities for networking and collaborations

Round Table Conferences

AAPAM organizes an Annual Roundtable Conference held in various countries across the continent. The Association also holds other conferences focusing on current critical issues in African public administration and management in order to increase the knowledge and skills of policy-makers and all stakeholders across the continent. The conferences are international platforms for sharing knowledge, networking and championing a common agenda towards development in Africa. They bring together delegates from various countries across Africa, including: Ministers; High-level public functionaries drawn from Executive, Legislative and Judicial Arms of Government; Heads of national planning ministries/agencies/offices/commissions, Renowned academics and researchers; Civic leaders (from NGOs and Civil Society organisations); Representatives from banks and financial institutions, industry, donor agencies, United Nations, the African Union, and other international organisations.

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